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Who is Don Mazonas?

Don Mazonas is entrepreneur and serial marketer who is very into SEO. Don has 17 years of experience of SEO. Not only that but his unparalleled track record of getting websites to #1 positions for the hardest keywords in the world has made him one of the great SEO experts in the world.

Over his long career in SEO, Don’s favourite industries are the ones that are challenging – any restrictive (gambling, CBD, pharma, adult, etc …), manufacturing and eCommerce businesses. However, whatever category your business falls into, know this – you are in safe hands!

Outside SEO, Don travels a lot for his other passion – swing dancing. He is casual social dancer, learner and internationally acclaimed swing DJ. His dancing hobby has taken him all over Europe (20 countries and counting). Soon he hopes to taste the dancing beyond Europe.

What is SEO Wakefield agency?

SEO Wakefield is trading as Unparalleled Marketing (UM). UM aims to help at least 50 businesses in Wakefield and around with their SEO. There are a ton of incopetent SEO agencies and so called “SEO gurus” who claim to be best in SEO after reading or watching 1 SEO course on YouTube. This is not how SEO knowledge works so Don and his UM decided to come to the rescue.

Our genuine belief is that only time-tested strategies will help long-term for proper businesses. Therefore Don and UM would be deploying strategies that have consistently worked for all of their clients … time and time again.

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Who is Don Mazonas?

Don Mazonas is an owner of established SEO agency that services clients from all over the world in many different industries. To learn more about Don and the company, you can click here.

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